The '59 DC

These guitars are my take on the classic set neck student models of the 50’s. Measurements were taken from an exceptional ’59 DC that I owned to produce a vintage looking, sounding and feeling guitar that is a stone cold classic!

Using the same materials and construction techniques as the Hurricane, these guitars have their roots firmly in the 50’s but with the added playability and reliability of a modern, hand built guitar.


I have owned some incredible original examples of these guitars from '55 though to '63 and have painstakingly taken the measurements of each one to build a vintage inspired guitar with modern playability and function but without the vintage price tag.

  • 1 piece African Mahogany Body 

  • 1 piece Honduran Mahogany Neck 

  • Indian Rosewood Fingerboard

  • 17 degree headstock angle 

  • Correct body roundovers

  • Single action truss rod

  • Maple filler strip 

  • '56/'59/'63 Neck Profiles

  • Celluloid Dot Inlays 

  • NOS 50’s Celluloid Pickguard cut from actual 1957/59 pattern. 

  • P90 Handwound in the UK 

  • Faber Aluminium Compensated Bridge 

  • Faber Studs and Anchors 

  • Aged Kluson tuners 

  • CTS True Vintage Taper 500k pots

  • Orange Drop Capacitor

  • Switchcraft Jack 

  • Art of Ageing Knobs & Pointers 

  • Lightly aged 100% Nitrocellulose finish

  • Serial number of your choice in genuine 50's font

 £2495 inc Hiscox Case

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